Frequently Asked Questions?

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Although we believe that you should the good experiments in using our best perfect solutions, but sometimes if you are unable to understand anything, please find out by our frequently asked questions below; and remember we are always here to help you.

No! Currently we do not support SSL but we will do soon.
Yes! Just buy your own SSL certificiate then use for your custom domain.
Yes! It is so simple, you only need to use our sub-domains for your business websites and stores. Once you already have custom domains, and you assign them to your websites & stores, then everything works properly without damaging or lossing.
Yes! Our platform is designed to allow you to create unlimited web pages, only create as you like.
Sure! We give you tools and solutions to sell your creative products to the world for FREE in lifetime. But because of limiting about resources, you may only have 10 products with free accounts.
Sorry but NO! Our platform purpose is help people create a business website quickly with favorite built-in website themes, they only need to pick one of themes then start building creative website; they’ll not need to think about how to arrange the elements to make the pages beautiful, it’s a mess if they don’t have a lot of time.
Yes! Beside publishing the created websites as own domains / sub-domains, or uploading via FTP, we also support you in downloading fully created websites.
Yes! After created a website, you only need to open a store for it then start selling anything you have.
Basically, our anwser is yes! You will need to upload your unique theme, then set it as private to use for your websites only.
Sorry for this, but some features and solutions are for the paid members, please upgrade your plan to use these tools. Our plans are very cheap, just contact us for more details.
If you are using demo account, then many important features are disabled, please try with real accounts, it is totally FREE to register.
This message appears to alert that your account expired, please renew to keep using.
This message appears to alert that you can not downgrade your account to lower plans, because the platform can not decide what sites / stores to delete. So you can only renew your current plan or upgrade to higher plans.